Advanced chart. Goddess chart offers you inspirational guidance from several Goddess energies. You will be gently guided to know what you need to let go of, welcome in and also shows you how you already/could connect to the Divine.



Access Goddess energy/attitudes needed (small circle). Connect to advice, what needs to be let go of, let in, find your connection strength (1-10) from large circle.  “Ask and allow” and the pendulum will bring in (clockwise) and assist release (counter clockwise).


Before you begin, always invite The Goddess in to protect, guide and ground.

“I ask and allow Gaia to ground, protect, guide, heal and enpower me to help her and all that lives on her”

# 18 ~ The Goddess Speaks

General Instructions 

Trewbelievers Pendulum Charts have been encoded with symbols by Kathy that will connect you to your Higher Self, Divine Guides and Ancestors. These symbols as well as their meaning are listed on the right hand side of the chart. Understand that Free Will always applies and that any coaching you receive is still your own choice to do!

If pendulum swings are not clear then hold pendulum over each word and the pendulum will circle the guidance chosen for you. You will also know that it feels right.

Note: The information gotten from this chart is not meant to replace a Physician or Professional’s care but rather to facilitate you considering other aspects that may assist you. 

These charts are copyrighted and will not work effectively if a fair exchange has not taken place.

Study Guide: 

Would you like access your Goddess’s guidance around what needs to shift in your life? Would you like the Goddess to help you move them? Would you like to feel her love for you? Would you also be willing to be catalysts in helping Gaia heal? This Trewbelievers Pendulum Chart will connect you to all of this as well as her Guidance in taking the next step in your life. Be prepared to be amazed as one of seven Goddesses steps forward to speak to you. Or you can call in a Goddess that you would like to speak with.


Hold pendulum over small circle and ask, “Which Goddess would like to step forward and advise me around what I need to let go of in order to move forward in my life?” The pendulum will circle as she connects and reads your energy and then will move over one of the Goddesses around the small circle. You can also ask Gaia if you could speak with a Goddess of your choice. You will be shown a yes or no (large circle or clockwise spin from pendulum for yes and counter clockwise spin for no). If you have gotten a yes, the pendulum will circle as your requested Goddess is connecting to your energy. Once you have her connection move to large circle to find out much more.

The large circle has a lot of information contained within it so be patient and take time as you learn it. Here are questions that will get you started. You at some time will just be having a conversation with your Goddess. Until then here are some questions that will help you.

Sample Questions:

1. Please show me what I need to let go of in order to live a more fulfilling life?

2. Please show me how I already connect with you?

3. Please show me what it is that I need to welcome into my life?

4. Please show me some guidance that will assist me?

5. Please show me how else I can strengthen my connection to you?

(Know you can use the numbers around the outside of the large circle to check your progress in any area.)

6. Please show me on a scale of 1-10 how strong my connection to you through (name) is?

7. Please show me how strong this connection can be and advise me how to increase this?

Releasing What Needs to be Released 

When you are confident in your relationship with Gaia and have been working with this chart for a time you will be gifted with using Gaia’s energy to release that which no longer works for you and welcome in that which does.

In Sacred Space hold pendulum over center of large circle and ask what you need to release first. The pendulum will circle and then swing over to an area. There is more than one form of guidance in each section so you will need to hold pendulum over each word in that section. The pendulum will circle method/methods that you will get assistance shifting. Ask on a scale of 1-100 how much you have been affected by this and the pendulum will move over to a number. Do not be surprised or discouraged if it is very high.

A step in releasing is to shine light on the issue and acknowledge its effects on you. Then say, “I ask and allow Gaia to assist me in shifting (name) since it no longer serves my higher/best interests.” The pendulum will begin to circle counter clockwise (left) to show you that the shift is happening. Relax, breath and feel what is happening in your energy system. You may feel it as a lifting of a veil, a release, a shiver, unconditional love or strong emotions. ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! The pendulum will continue to circle until it is finished helping you release this. Remember that issues are like a funnel and that Gaia has just pulled the plug out. You may feel many emotions. What is important is that you continue to allow movement by following the guidance on the chart.

The pendulum will stop moving at some point. Check back using the 1-100 scale to see what the power of this block is at (you are aiming for zero). Know that Gaia will only shift as much as you can handle at any one time. Know that this is a process and may take some time but it will work and you will feel it.

After the pendulum has stopped it will reverse and go clockwise (right) filling in the energy space left with love and healing. Breath, feel, allow this to happen. When the energy void has been filled the pendulum will stop. You will have felt Gaia’s love in some way within your energy system.


Your emotions and body may be a bit tired and the process of shifting and assimilating will take some time. Self-care during this time is very important so take care, take time, and take nutritional food, water and rest.

Follow this link and read my article regarding Self Care:

Know that Gaia wants you as healthy and balanced as you can be since she also has a Divine plan for you. She has been waiting for you! 

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